Redstick 311 app


REDSTICK311 is a new way for Baton Rouge citizens – the customers of our City-Parish government – to request services and report issues while “on the go,” and to offer enhanced options that can provide us with as much information about your needs as possible.


•Spot a pothole while on your way to work? Snap a quick photo with your smartphone and submit it with your request for service, which allows our crews to know exactly what they are facing when they arrive on the scene.


•Notice junk or debris that should have been picked up, or a blighted area that needs to be addressed? Report the issue via REDSTICK311 and use the app’s GPS feature to locate of the area in question. 


•Want to be able to receive real-time updates on your phone about how we are responding to your request? Through the app, we’ll keep you in the loop on the status of your service ticket and what’s being done to resolve the issue.

It’s all a part of how our City-Parish government is working to use technology and digital tools to better engage with and more efficiently serve the citizens of Baton Rouge. 



East Baton Rouge Government

The official website for East Baton Rouge Parish Government, including links to the Mayor's Office, Metro Council, and various City Departments.


City Parish Planning Commission

The official website for the Planning Commission of the City of Baton Rouge and Parish of East Baton Rouge--responsible for making zoning recommendations to the City Council.  The site includes meeting schedules and agenda, as well as definitions of the various types of zoning in the Unified Development Code (UDC).


Police Department Crime Statistics

The Baton Rouge Police Department maintains a useful website that provides a breakdown of local crime by districts and zones. Southside falls primarily in District 2. You can click down to see the totals for the entire District as well as for specific neighborhoods within the District by year.


Baton Rouge Green

Your SSCA is one of a select group of neighborhood associations that has joined with Baton Rouge Green to maintain our unique neighborhood character. We now are participants in "Trees 101," a project to educate residents about tree maintenance and help them select the proper tree for the proper location. The project is funded by the Baton Rouge Association of Realtors through the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

Get Involved


City Government Contacts


Baton Rouge Metro Council


Directions to Metro Council & Planning Commission Meetings:


Downtown in Room 364 of the Governmental Building, 222 St. Louis Street. Parking is easiest done in the Centroplex Parking Garages. From our area, take I-10 North and exit onto Government St., heading downtown. Turn right on St. Louis, and the parking garages are on either side of the street.



Southside Civic Association

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Southside Civic Association