Southdowns Police Patrol Program F.A.Q.


Q.  Doesn’t the Baton Rouge Police Department already patrol Southdowns? 

A.  Yes, the Police Patrol Program adds additional patrols by off-duty officers specifically targeted to our neighborhood. 


Q.  How many association members participate in the Police Patrol Program? 

A.  There are approximately 1500 residences within the Southdowns boundaries.  Approximately 400 residences are participating in the Southdowns Neighborhood Association.  Approximately 150 association members contribute to the Police Patrol Fund. 


Q.  I participated in the patrol program for a few years but stopped paying because I never saw any patrol cars when I got home after work. 

A. Officers patrol during periods when criminals are most active.  Many robberies take place during the time most Southdowns residents are at work.  Consequently, more patrols are conducted throughout the workday when fewer residents are present. 


Q.  How much time is actually spent patrolling the neighborhood? 

A.  The amount of patrol time is dependent on the number of residents that provide funding for patrols.  So, if more residents participate additional hours can be scheduled.  Current funding allows about 72 hours of patrol a month. 


Q.  Have these additional patrols actually resulted in fewer crimes in Southdowns? 

A.  The Southdowns website has a link to crime reports for the City of Baton Rouge and the Southdowns area. Click here for more information.


Q.  I already pay dues to belong to the neighborhood association.  Why am I being asked to pay more? 

A.  The police patrol is a separate function that is paid exclusively with funds of participating residents. 


Q.  I have more questions about the police patrol.  Who should I contact for additional information about this program? 

A.  You can contact any board member with your questions.  Their contact information is located here.  You can contact Sgt. Stephen Chenevert at  Sgt. Chenevert schedules the Southdowns police patrols and requests made for the police to check your home while you are on vacation. 

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Established in 1957, all homeowners and residents of the Southside subdivisions can join the Southside Civic Association; annual dues are just $25/year! Our off-duty police patrols are an additional dues program for $120/year or $30/quarter. This includes a free walk-in inspection of your home by an officer to check for security issues, and updates/pass-bys of your home while you are out of town!

Your annual dues fund the work of the SSCA, whose voluntary Board of Directors plan and execute membership meetings and events, monitor local government zoning and council actions, and get involved in issues affecting our - YOUR - community.


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