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Southside Civic Association

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Southside Civic Association

Rouzan Development


   The SCCA Board has been working closely with Rouzan to make sure quality of life is improved for all of our neighbors.  

   Rouzan's owners are working with the Library Board to try and bring the new library to the neighborhood which will benefit everyone in the area.  

   Sprouts, a fresh produce grocery, plans to come to Louisiana for the first time! We are excited to have a walkable/bikable grocery available to us.

    The SSCA board have been having discussions about the current and future traffic with Rouzan's traffic engineers to ensure that all possible issues are addressed.  Although there isn't anything that can be done with current conditions, the engineers have taken recommendations into consideration and are looking at possible options to increase flow within the given restraints.  


  For more information on the development, please visit Rouzan's webpage.



I-10 Widening


  The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development will hold three public meetings to gather public input regarding the proposed improvements along I-10 from LA 415 in Port Allen to Essen Lane in Baton Rouge.

  This proposed project will be partially funded with $360 million through Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle Bonds, also known as GARVEE Bonds, which was announced earlier this year as part of the State‚Äôs Transportation Master Plan.

  Representatives from DOTD and the project team will be available at the open house to answer questions and discuss issues related to the project.

5g mini cell towers


  The committee hired attorneys have put together a plan of attack on what some homeowners have characterized as the willy-nilly installation of the 5G minitowers.  But first some history:


-  The US Congress passed laws to help/encourage 5G installations

-  Those laws limit local government regulation if regulations attempt or in fact prohibit 5G installations

-  Local laws can impact installation sites especially when making 5G services follow some of the requirements of other utilities and services and somewhat on "aesthetics"

-  The Task Force has been working with the Mayor and at least 5 council members (Watson, Wilson, Collard-Lewis, Hudson and Freiburg) and the CP Legal Department.  All of them seem to want to work with the committee.

-  The Council wants input now and the plan is to give them a vetted copy of a revised ordinance for the Sep 11th Council meeting.  The proposed ordinance will be shared with the task force before then.  No drafts are available at this time.

-  More of these towers are needed (and at closer distances) since they use higher radio frequencies (RF) and those frequencies travel much shorter distances than low radio frequencies we associate with the current big towers located around the parish.

- Any issue that people have with presumed health/sickness issues due to RF has been preempted from local control by the feds as long as the towers meet the standards set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


The current strategy for the proposed ordinance:


1.  Have clear notice to property owners that a tower is being put up nearby and time to respond

2.  Have a clear process for filing an objection to a specific placement

3.  Come up with a "preferred placement" rota.  i.e., place on public buildings, place on other existing structures, business areas... residential areas

4.  Implement a "co-location"  policy so that if ATT puts up a tower they have to make room for Verizon and Cox

5.  Add more content to the construction permits as they are bare bones now

6.  Make installation match surrounding infrastructure... a tower in Rouzan would have to match the fancy light poles they have over there now or place most of the equipment under ground if the current utilities are underground in a development (Obviously the antenna needs to be above ground)