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Southside Civic Association

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Southside Civic Association



Mayor's Meeting

Sep. 5, 2017 - St. Aloysius Parish Hall - 6:00-7:00 PM


The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the Better Transportation and Roads (BTR) plan. On July 26, an introduction of a tax proposition was announced for a parish-wide 5-mill property tax over 30 years to fund an estimated $445 million in regional area improvements that include constructing new public roads, improving existing corridors with increased mobility, constructing community enhancement road projects, and improving the advanced traffic management center. 

Various public meetings have already taken place across the parish. The public meetings are designed to outline details about the proposed BTR Plan and funding requirements to launch the program. At our meeting, there will be one-on-one discussions and feedback between the public and staff. Following the completion of all the public meetings scheduled, the Metro Council will decide if a resolution to rededicate the existing ½ cent sales tax and for a new property millage tax will be added to the ballot in the Nov. 18 election, when voters will make the final decision.

The details of all the proposed improvement projects, project map, and public meeting schedule can be

viewed at . Also, we encourage you to provide feedback on the plan via the

website listed above, or by email at .